It’s official! I am beginning real work on my next project, a family memoir about my uncle Fred Halsted.

Fred was an intriguing character for many reasons. One of the first gay pron stars, he, according to William E Jones, “more or less created the world of gay art and experimentation.” I recently learned about Fred by reading his Wikipedia page (even though he died in 1989), not through the typical ways in which people usually learn about relatives.

I will spend the year researching and writing, with the goal of completing the first draft in 2018. Please contact me if you have any information about Fred. I am trying to learn everything I can about him so that I can accurately represent him in the memoir.

From everything I’ve learned so far, his is a story that must be told. Even with my limited knowledge, he proves to be a provoking figure. He told his own story with unrivaled courage and authenticity. Everyone–gay, straight, or any version thereof–can be inspired by Fred.