In 2016, I published my first novel, Blown.

I blogged most of the book on this website in order to get feedback on the manuscript and generate interest in the project. Blown can by purchased here.

Blown depicts the six-month journey Amory takes to leave the cult in which she lived all of her young life.

At the tender ages of only three and five, sisters Amory and Riley are abandoned by their mother at the Church of Scientology in Hollywood, California.

For sixteen long years Amory does what she’s told, following Church rules and regulations about every aspect of her life. Yet, while working in the Sea Org—the Church’s administrative organization comprised of the most dedicated members—Amory experiences for the first time a stirring yearning for freedom unlike anything she’s ever known.

When Riley admits that she’s pregnant, Amory knows she must do something and swallows a handful of pills in a desperate attempt to escape. When she wakes up, the Church places her in a strict ethics “rehabilitation” program that isolates her from family and friends.

As Amory becomes more convinced of her need to leave the Church, an FBI agent investigating the Church contacts her and further compromises her attempts to leave.

Amory works to develop the courage she needs to escape the manipulation and controlling demands of the only world she’s ever known.

Based on true-life events, Blown represents the first novel depicting life inside the repressive confines of the Church of Scientology.

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